About Us

At Sandfish, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between style and comfort. Our clothes are designed to fit in with an active outdoor lifestyle of sunshine, fun and adventure. To achieve this end we source only the softest 100% cottons that not only look good but are supremely comfy to wear too.

How it all began

Our founder, Nicky, was originally an independent filmmaker traveling the world making documentary films for international broadcasters like the BBC and other organisations such as the United Nations. It was during her shoots that she began collecting fabrics, always returning home with her suitcases stuffed with cottons and yards of lace trims that would generally make her husband Felix groan in despair.

As a mother living in Tanzania, Nicky struggled to find soft, easy-to-wear but stylish clothing for her three active boys. After a full day at school the boys would throw off their uniforms and reach for the softest shorts they could find that would not restrict them on their bicycles or while executing new and dangerous moves on the trampoline. Feeling rather smug, Nicky noticed that what they always reached for were the clothes that she’d had made herself e.g the ones with no buttons, no zips and the easiest ones to throw on and off. Sandfish was then born in 2015.

The clothes we wanted but couldn’t find elsewhere

First, Nicky designed and made her boys a pair of Waders– wonderfully light, cool and comfy. Word spread quickly as other parents admired them.

Next, Sandfish began making men’s shirts. Nicky’s husband complained traditional ones were so often too boxy and pocket-heavy. Creating a shirt with the perfect fit has been a top priority with special attention being given to the fit, collar opening and small little details that set a Sandfish shirt apart.

Now, our clothing range continues to grow – from Doodlebug rompers and Lulu playsuits to grown-up womens’ shirts and dresses – and we’re adding to our website all the time.

The fabric we use – and the secret to its softness

All of our fabrics are 100% cotton

At the moment all of our fabrics come from India and Kenya.  Our block printed fabrics are made by hand and many of the cottons are also woven by hand, giving them a wonderfully natural look and feel. In some instances the cottons are then soaked in water for up to five days or mud (yes, really!) for up to a week after it is dyed.

We use intricate lace from Thailand and buttons made from natural materials (like coconut wood or mother-of-pearl) to finish our designs – because, with style, it’s all in the details.

Caring for your clothes

Our clothes are designed to withstand many outdoor escapades, but the dying process we use means the colours may fade. To prolong their life, make sure you don’t wash them at too high a temperature (over 40 degrees) or dry them outside in the hot sun.